Sarah Silverman Claims Trump Being “Purposely Cruel” and says “I want to punch”

Sarah Silverman took to Twitter to claim President Trump is being “purposely cruel” on Christmas Eve.

Silverman tweeted:

I can’t fucking bear this. How do you look at this and support Trump?? He did THIS to be purposely cruel. This is not how we are supposed to welcome the stranger. My fucking heart. I want to punch

Silverman was responding to Charles Finch who tweeted a photo of an apparent migrant detention camp, Charles Finch claimed the kids are “Freezing cold, insufficient food, water, medical attention.”

Not everyone agreed with Silverman.

Robert Luke responded “same way you supported it when Obama had the keys”

This photo is from a June 2018 article:

This photo is from August 2018. It’s 60 degrees in McAllen Texas tonight.

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