SHOCK VIDEO: Migrants Drag Children Under Water to Enter Illegally

A new disturbing video has emerged, of migrants dragging screaming kids under water, and barbed wire to illegally enter the United States.

American Mirror reported that illegal immigrants defying U.S. Border Patrol agents to push screaming children underwater and through razor wire to America offers latest evidence of the chaos on the border Democrats continue to ignore.

In one video, illegal immigrants pulled young children under a border fence and through large coils of concertina wire during a cold December morning near Yuma, Arizona, ABC News reports.

The video shows several adults crawling and hoisting about a half dozen youngsters through the barrier as U.S. Border Patrol urge them to reconsider as they repeatedly snagged their clothes on the wire, the traumatic experience punctuated by blaring sirens and flashing police lights.

Watch the video: