SHOCK VIDEO: Hotel in El Paso, Texas is OVERRUN with Illegals

In a shocking new video that is quickly going viral, a La Quinta Inn in El Paso is shown swarming with illegal aliens, and has since drawn mounting outrage from American citizens.

“If you’re going through El Paso, [Texas,] you might want to skip the La Quinta Inn,” said the social media user who uploaded the video, adding, “They likely have no rooms available since they’ve become “Home Sweet Home” to so many migrants here illegally.”

With the migration crisis at the US-Mexico border growing exponentially more serious each month, the issue continues to leave lawmakers polarized, as Republicans and Democrats remain bitterly divided.

Horrified and angered, social media users overwhelmingly voiced their frustration with lawmakers.

Many commenters noted that the rooms have been payed for, and began to wonder which organizations could be behind funding nearly an entire hotel for thousands of undocumented migrants.