Shep Smith set to make return on CNBC, vows to “call out misinformation and disinformation”

Anchor Shepard Smith, known for his long tenure at Fox News that ended last year, is set to make his return on CNBC Wednesday at 7pm.

Smith said of his new program “We’re going to come out and do just the news. We’re not planning to do any analysis in our news hour. We’re going to have journalists, reporters, sound and video.”

He added “We’re going to have newsmakers and experts … but no pundits. We’re going to leave the opinion to others. It’s exactly what I’ve been wanting to do. It’s what I’ve been working at for 30 years.”

Smith also told the Daily Beast “I think everything goes into about six buckets these days. I think there’s politics and there’s COVID and, beyond that, there’s the information age and all the changes, there’s social justice and how we have to have it, there’s income inequality and how it will kill us if we let it, and there’s climate change that we better pay attention to or we’ll wake up one day and say this period was a cakewalk. About everything in life goes in those buckets and that’s what we’re gonna be focusing on.”

“I’m worried about disinformation most,” Smith said  “I’m worried about deep fakes and I’m worried about people who live in an information hole that’s actually a dis-information hole…It’s fairly new in the arc of things. It’s brand new. And we have to learn how to call out misinformation and disinformation because it’s injurious to society. So that’s one thing we’re gonna do.”