SF Giants’ Sam Coonrod explains why he didn’t kneel “I just believe that I can’t kneel before anything besides God”

Second year reliever Sam Coonrod was noticeably not kneeling during MLB’s BLM social justice demonstration.

Asked for the reason, Connrod explained:

I meant no ill will by it. I don’t think I’m better than anyone. I’m a Christian. I just believe I can’t kneel before anything besides God — Jesus Christ.

I chose not to kneel. I feel that if I did kneel, I would be being a hypocrite. I didn’t want to be a hypocrite. Like I said, I didn’t mean any ill will toward anyone.

Asked for his reaction to Coonrod’s decision, Giants Manager Gabe Kapler said “The one thing that we said is we were going to let people express themselves. We were going to give them the choice on whether they were going to stand, kneel, or do something else. That was a personal decision for Sam.”