Senators Cotton, Loeffler Introduce 3 Bills that Crack Down on Rioters

Senators Tom Cotton and Kelly Loeffler have introduced a trio of bills that crack down on rioters.

Cotton wrote on Twitter “Under lenient leftist policies, insurrectionists continue to pillage America’s communities.

My legislation will incapacitate these rioters to prevent further destruction and increase their penalties, making the punishment fit their crimes.”

Kelly Loeffler said “American cities, businesses and livelihoods are being destroyed as a result of violent rioters and looters. Enough is enough.”

She added “The violence must stop, and it’s time to hold these criminals and vandals accountable. This is a strong package of bills that puts us one step closer to ensuring our communities are safe and secure.”

Per their press release:

(1) The No Catch-and-Release for Rioters Act: creates a rebuttable presumption that a person charged with rioting should be held pending trial;

(2) The Rioting Restitution Act: creates a federal, private, civil cause of action against rioters who meet the federal definition of rioting, with treble damages allowed;

(3) The Support Peaceful Protest Act: makes federally-convicted rioters ineligible for virus-related supplemental unemployment benefits.