Senate Republicans say Schumer vote will fail as infrastructure showdown looms

Senate Republicans are signaling that they believe if Chuck Schumer forces a vote on an infrastructure package Wednesday it will fail.

Per The Hill “Majority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) moved on Monday to tee up a key test vote for a bipartisan infrastructure bill despite GOP warnings that they’ll block the Senate from moving forward.”

“Schumer’s maneuvering sets up the test vote for Wednesday, where he’ll need 60 votes — including the support of at least 10 Republicans in order to advance a shell bill, into which senators would swap the text of the bipartisan deal once it is finished.”

Schumer Declared on the Senate floor “That vote on cloture will take place on Wednesday. What we’re talking about this week is a vote on whether or not to proceed to debate.””

Mitch McConnell told reporters Monday “We need to see the bill before voting to go to it. I think that’s pretty easily understood.”

Meanwhile, Sen. John Thune warned  Schumer “is not going to get 60, let’s put it that way.”