Senate moves toward override of Trump’s National Defense Bill veto

The Senate has moved towards an override of President Trump’s National Defense Bill Veto voting in favor of a motion to take up the issue despite Trump’s continued opposition to the military spending bill.

The motion passed with an overwhelming majority of 80-12.

McConnell, R- Ky., filed cloture immediately after the vote and a final Senate vote is now expected by Saturday.

Trump tweeted Tuesday “Weak and tired Republican “leadership” will allow the bad Defense Bill to pass. Say goodbye to VITAL Section 230 termination, your National Monuments, Forts (names!) and Treasures (inserted by Elizabeth “Pocahontas” Warren), 5G, and our great soldiers….”

He added “….being removed and brought home from foreign lands who do NOTHING for us. A disgraceful act of cowardice and total submission by weak people to Big Tech. Negotiate a better Bill, or get better leaders, NOW! Senate should not approve NDAA until fixed!!!