Sen. Blackburn “The mainstream media’s attachment to defending Biden is insufferable.”

Monday, TN Senator Marsha Blackburn tweeted “The world is fast becoming a danger zone under the weak leadership of Joe Biden.”

She added in subsequent tweets:

“It’s time for accountability. Blinken and Sullivan need to testify under oath on how this operation went so terribly wrong under their watch.

Tennesseans are outraged. We need answers from the Biden administration, because we need to know every lie they told us.

Each person involved in this failed operation should testify under oath immediately.

The Afghanistan war is not over. Joe Biden decided to quit and leave our citizens and allies behind.

Joe Biden has put Americans last since the day he was sworn into office.

Again, he needs to resign.

The mainstream media’s attachment to defending Biden is insufferable.

$85 billion of U.S. weaponry is in the hands of the Taliban because of Joe Biden.”