Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan issues statement, will not run for a second term

Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan, who took heavy criticism for her handling of the “Capital Hill Autonomous Zone” will not run for a second term.

Durkan explained her decision to not run for a second term by saying “I could spend the next year campaigning to keep this job or focus all my energy on doing the job. There was only one right choice for our city: Doing the job.”

Seattle Council President Lorena González commented “I understand and respect Mayor Durkan’s decision not to seek a second term.”

She added “during these unprecedented times, the Mayor and I have worked diligently to put City government on a path of productive and collaborative policymaking.”

Councilmember Teresa Mosqueda who clashed with Durkan frequently and even raised the possibility fo her resigning said in a statement “while Mayor Durkan and I have had several disagreements on governing and policy over the last three years, we have also been able to find common ground to work on critical issues, and the community, workers and small businesses in this City are better for it.”

In an Op-Ed for Fox News, Jason Rantz writes of Durkan’s leaving “any mayoral hopeful must now bow to the will of the activist class. If they don’t, there is genuine fear that protesters will quite literally show up to their door to bully them into submission. What moderate Democrat stands a chance in Seattle’s political environment, when Durkan barely won the election in 2016?”