Sean Parnell vows “I will vote to ban critical race theory from our schools and military”

In a new Op-Ed for the Washington Times, decorated military veteran and Pennsylvania Senate candidate Sean Parnell vows “I will vote to ban critical race theory from our schools and military.”

Parnell was awarded two Bronze Stars, one for Valor and the Purple Heart.

Parnell writes “At its core, critical race theory teaches our students that our language, culture, and idea of merit-based learning are inherently racist and must be scrapped. It seeks to elevate divisions and identity groups while sacrificing the individual and content of their character. It’s gotten so bad that some education officials in California argue that grading a math question as incorrect is a form of white supremacy.”

“But this insanity goes beyond the classroom. The U.S. Chairman of the Joints Chief of Staff recently defended the teaching of critical race theory in our military. I find it personally offensive that we have allowed the greatest military in the world to be taken over by leftwing activists more concerned with pronouns and skin color than they are with winning wars.  Our military has been the model of integration in American society, and we break that model at our peril,” he later continues.

“Polls are showing just how toxic this ideology is,” Parnell argues “A recent survey conducted by Parents Defending Education found that 74 percent of Americans oppose teaching students that white people are inherently privileged and that black and other people of color are oppressed. Meanwhile, 69 percent opposed teaching that America was founded on racism and was systemically racist, while 80 percent oppose the use of classrooms to promote political activism.”

He concludes “Teaching an entire generation of children to see everything through the lens of race is regressive, divisive, and destructive. And it certainly will not put an end to racism. We need to get back to the wish of Dr. King, that the character of a person is what matters the most. And as a soldier who knows the greatness of our country depends on it, I’m ready to lead that fight.”