Scott Baio calls out Alyssa Milano over reported Taliban atrocities after Biden withdrawal “This is your guy! Where are you now?”

Monday, actor Scott Baio called out Alyssa Milano as well as Rob Reiner and Richard Marx over their support of Joe Biden amid a withdrawal from Afghanistan that left Americans behind and has been highly criticized.

Baio shared a Fox News chyron that reads “RPT: Taliban “Kill” Squads Hunt Down U.S. Allies”

He wrote “Where are you now @pattonoswalt @alyssa_milano @robreiner @richardmarx
and others in Hollywood. This is your guy! Where are you now? I’m praying for our military that was killed and those left behind because of your guy. P.S. Trump has nothing to do with this.”

Alyssa Milano recently praised Biden, writing:

I’m proud of @POTUS and the incredible job he’s doing. He’s the right person for the job in this moment in history.


Reiner recently celebrated the withdrawal from Afghanistan, writing “America’s 20 year involvement in an unwinable is over. It took the guts of a Commander-in-Chief with the strength and fortitude to withstand the overwhelming barrage of criticism to do what was right.”

In a heart wrenching video shared by Fox Nation host Lara Logan, women in Afghanistan reportedly trapped outside the airport in Kabul plead to President Biden for help.

“President Biden…President of the United States…please save us…save our families…save our lives,” she says.

Monday, the US withdrew all its troops and have stopped military evacuations.