Scotland First Minister says “sometimes it’s hard not to conclude” Trump is racist

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said “sometimes it’s hard not to conclude” Donald Trump is racist after she was asked about his handling of George Floyd’s death.

TheHill reports Sturgeon was asked in a Hits Radio Network interview that aired Friday whether she thought Trump was racist.

“I think sometimes it’s hard to not conclude that, and what I always say when I’m asked questions that that is I can’t see inside his head,” she responded, according to a transcript from The Scotsman.

She added that she’s been asked similar questions regarding U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

“It’s not an unwillingness to confront the issue, it’s I don’t know what goes on inside Donald Trump’s head – maybe that’s a good thing – but I do know that the language you use and how you express yourself matters and if you don’t want to be accused of racism then don’t use racist language,” Sturgeon said.

The minister said that Trump should not equate people protesting against racism to those who “take to the streets in order to try to perpetrate racist values and attitudes.”

“I think at moments like this, whether it’s America or any other country, you need a leader – difficult though it is and none of us are perfect in any of these situations – that tries to bring people together and heal divides and address underlying issues and not one that seems to want to further polarize and provoke and force people into on two different sides,” Sturgeon said.

She said she didn’t know whether Trump is capable of that kind of leadership, “but if there’s ever a moment for him to prove that he is then surely that moment is now.”

Trump, she said, was “displaying a lack of leadership, perhaps, a lack of moral leadership” and that he should address the causes of the protests rather than “attacking those who are protesting.”

Sturgeon’s comments come after protesters took to the streets of her home country in solidarity with protests raging across the United States against racism and police brutality.

Several international cities, including London, Berlin and Toronto, have held protests honoring George Floyd, an unarmed black man who died last week while in Minneapolis police custody.