Schumer’s Father’s Day Tweet Attacking Trump Backfires

Senator Chuck Schumer decided to dedicate his father’s day tweet to attacking President Trump.

Schumer wrote:

This , we remember how the Trump administration cruelly separated children from their parents.

The Trump administration’s approach to immigration is a politically-motivated failure at odds with our values.

We are better than this.

Schumer was countered by Angel Mom Mary Ann Mendoza.

This Fathers Day you should be mentioning all your fellow American Fathers who are without their children because an ILLEGAL ALIEN KILLED THEM. Say it Chuck. Say it out loud you coward

Who quickly gained support from others.

I stand with Angel Moms. Apparently, you can’t say the same Chuck!

This Father’s Day I’m grateful to the President for utilizing rapid DNA tests which show 1/3 of children crossing the borders are with traffickers – not their parents. Thank goodness his administration cares about these tiny victims.

Hey Chuck, This is my 23yo son who works hard and bought a house under @realDonaldTrump administration. The economy is strong for our young. They just need the desire to go after it.