Schumer vows to push forward with vote to nuke filibuster despite opposition, says “We are all going to go on the record”

Senate majority leader Chuck Schumer plans to push forward with nuking the filibuster despite obvious opposition within his own party.

Schumer said Tuesday “We are going to vote. We are all going to go on the record.”

“As we debate these measures, the Senate will confront the critical question: Shall the members of this chamber do what is necessary to pass these bills and bring them closer to the president’s desk?” Schumer asked. “Today we have just taken the first steps that will put everyone, everyone on the record.”

Meanwhile Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said last week “The Democratic Leader is using fake hysteria about 2021 state laws to justify a power grab he began floating in 2019 and an election takeover that was first drafted in 2019.”