Schumer says Trump “should not take the podium” at coronavirus briefings

Fox News reports Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said Tuesday that President Trump “should not take the podium” at the coronavirus briefings expected to resume later in the day, alleging that he is a “threat to public health.”

The comments came after the president said Monday that he would restart his coronavirus briefings amid a new surge in positive cases of COVID-19 across the nation.

Schumer, D-N.Y., though, told reporters that the president has “created one of the greatest failures” and criticized his handling of the pandemic.

“When the coronavirus briefings resume, President Trump should not take the podium,” Schumer said. “He’s a threat to public health.”

Schumer went on to slam Republican efforts on the next coronavirus stimulus bill, saying they’ve “dithered and delayed.”

“Senate Republicans, led by Sen. McConnell said, ‘Let’s wait a little longer and see how this goes,’” Schumer said. “Like President Trump, they hoped it would go away.”