Schumer says Idea that $600 a week disincentivizes workers from going back “belittles the American people”

Appearing on “This Week” Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer argued that the notion of the $600 a week extended unemployment benefits could disincentivize workers from going back “belittles the American people.”

Schumer was asked to comment about Trump’s order to reduce the $600 to $400, with states paying $100 of the $400.

Schumer said  “Most states will take months to implement it because it’s brand new. It’s sort of put together with spit and paste, and many states, because they have to chip in $100 and they don’t have money, won’t do it,” Schumer added “To boot, it depletes the hurricane trust fund to defer this money, to pay for this money, when we’re at the height of hurricane season.”