Schumer files cloture to shut down debate on $1T infrastructure bill

Thursday, Manu Raju of CNN tweeted:

Schumer is NOW filing cloture to shut down debate on the infrastructure bill, setting up key test vote for SATURDAY. 60-vote threshold.

Also says they are still working on an agreement for additional amendment votes tonight.

“We aren’t there yet,” he said.

He added later:

Schumer says Senate done for the night and will reconvene Saturday to vote on whether to shut down debate on the infrastructure bill. No deal on amendment votes yet. Question is if any GOP votes change or if they’ll get 60 votes on Saturday

Schumer said “I believe we’re very close to an agreement and see no reason why we can’t complete this important bipartisan bill. So I urge both sides to continue working diligently to make it happen.”

“We very much want to finish this important bill so we will reconvene Saturday at noon to vote on cloture and then we will follow the regular order to finish the bill,” he added.