Schumer Fears McConnell Would Block a Future Democrat President “from Getting Anything Done”

Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer argued that Democrats would have a hard time getting anything done even if they won the Presidency with Mitch McConnell in the role of Senate Majority leader.

Appearing with Sean Hannity, Mitch McConnell discussed why President Trump has been so successful in stacking the courts in the favor of conservatives during his term, and how he prevented Obama from doing the same.


Per HuffPost “If McConnell stays as leader, even if we have a Democratic president, he will not put another nominee on the Supreme Court,” Schumer told a small group of reporters. “He will prevent a Democratic president from getting anything done. All the things we want to do. And it will be a disaster.”

McConnell, of course, famously blocked President Barack Obama’s Supreme Court nominee from even getting a hearing in the Senate in the final year of his presidency.

Obama nominated Merrick Garland in March 2018, after conservative justice Antonin Scalia passed away. Although Obama still had nearly a year left in office, McConnell refused to consider Garland and give him a vote ― saying it should be left to the next president to fill the spot.

But in June, McConnell said that if Trump loses, he would be willing to consider a new Supreme Court nominee in 2021.

“Obviously, if you have a vacancy in the first year of a term of a president, you’re not going to fail to fill the vacancy for a very lengthy period of time no matter what political opposition is,” McConnell said. “I can’t imagine any scenario under which the early part of a president’s term you would not have a vote. That doesn’t mean the person would necessarily be confirmed.”