Schumer demands McConnell bring Senate back early if House passes Postal Service bill

Sunday, Senate Minority leader Chuck Schumer demanded that Mitch McConnell bring back the Senate early if the House passes a postal service bill.

“In addition to hearings, I will push for new legislation that will undo the changes that have slowed down the mail and ensure all mail-in ballots for the upcoming election are treated as first-class priority.” Schumer said.

“Accordingly, if the House acts on legislation, Leader McConnell must bring the Senate back into session so we can quickly pass their legislation to reverse these harmful changes.” he added.

However, this may not be nearly as easy as Schumer suggested.

The Senate is scheduled to be out of town until Sept. 8th.

McConnell noted last week that to hold any votes before this date, it would take consent from every single Senator.

Democrats are desperate to add more funding for the Postal Service within a new coronavirus package and are deeply concerned about the motivations of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy.

Trump has continued to defend DeJoy and called him a “fantastic” man on Saturday.

Saturday, protesters organized by the group “Shut Down DC”  gathered outside the D.C. home of Postmaster General Louis DeJoy blasting airhorns and banging pots and pans.