Schiff Ties GOP Refusal to Convict Trump during Impeachment with “130k Americans dead”

Appearing on “This Week” Sunday, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) tied the failure to impeach President Trump with 130k Americans dead.

Adam Schiff:

This was a Republican-led investigation that Roger Stone lied to. The committee was chaired by a Republican, and here you have no more than a couple of Republicans willing to say a single word of someone who came before Congress and lied to them, obstructed them.

Why? Because he did it to cover for a president of their party. Donald Trump understands that he has these Republicans cowed, they won’t stand up to him.

They won’t defend the rule of law, and that means we’ll have to wait until next year to pass this legislation to discourage further abuses of the powers.”

It’s an impeachable offense if you abuse the pardon power to protect yourself from criminal liability. Again, George, if the Republicans won’t say a word, of course, they’re not going to vote to impeach and convict. We already presented a case with overwhelming evidence, and they refused to convict then.

And during that impeachment we around with if they left him in office that the damage he could do between now and election day could be severe. Here we are now 130,000 Americans dead, We no idea just how bad the damage would be. But noen the less we knew the damage would be grave.