Schiff says he had assurance from FBI Director Wray while Trump was President

According to Rep. Schiff’s new book, FBI Director Christopher Wray assured Schiff he would resign before being pressured by Trump into “something that wasn’t right” during Trump’s Presidency.

“In one of our first meetings, I had warned him about how many good people the president had chewed up and spat out,” Schiff wrote.

“I don’t need this job,” Wray told Schiff according to Schiff’s account “And I would leave it before I ever felt the need to do something that wasn’t right.”

President Biden has chosen to choose Wray, who was unpopular among many Trump supporters throughout his administration.

Schiff praised Wray, writing “Christopher Wray became FBI Director at a moment of tremendous turmoil for the Bureau and the country, and he has served with great professionalism and integrity.”