Schiff fumes at GOP after “For the People Act” is blocked

Moments ago, Rep. Adam Schiff fumed after the Democrats “For the People Act” election reform bill was blocked by filibuster in a 50-50 tied vote.

60 votes were required to pass the legislation and not a single Republican Senator sided with Democrats.

Schiff tweeted:

Voting down the For the People Act shows America what the GOP is:

A party against democracy, for dark money, and for voter suppression.

They’ll continue their assault on voting rights across the nation.

No matter what they do, we must turn out more voters than ever.

One Schiff supporter replied “Seriously. Is this even America anymore??”

Earlier in the day GOP House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy tweeted “These are stunning admissions from Democrats → #HR1 —their election-takeover bill—is purely about protecting their own power.”