Schiff claims Trump has made a “mockery of out of our system” by pardoning Flynn

Appearing on the Rachel Maddow show with guest host Ali Velshi, Schiff vented over the message President Trump’s pardon of Michael Flynn gives to Russia.

“Ali, as you pointed out when Michael Flynn lied to the vice president, the vice president then went on national television and misled the American people,” Schiff said  “The Russians knew Michael Flynn had lied because he had talked directly with their ambassador. That made him vulnerable to compromise. He could be blackmailed.”

Schiff continued by saying “this was indeed the concern that Sally Yates raised in bringing this to the attention of the administration that he was now subject to compromise.”

“By giving him a pardon now, imagine the signal that sends to our Russian adversary,” Schiff added ” that essentially, you know, the president can make Russia’s problems go away by dismissing a case against someone who had lied on their behalf, who had concealed these illicit contacts.”

“It just makes a mockery out of our system, and I think demonstrates that it can be exploited by hostile foreign powers,” he concluded.