Schiff Rips Trump, Claims He Vacationed and Golfed During Early Stages of Coronavirus

During a recent appearance on MSNBC, Rep. Adam Schiff ripped President Trump and accused him of finding time to do rallies, vacation and play golf during impeachment and the early stages of the coronavirus.

Schiff also called Trump’s assertion that the Senate impeachment trial delayed and distracted from the response to the virus an “excuse” for not doing enough.

DailyCaller reports California Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff slammed President Donald Trump’s response to coronavirus during an appearance on MSNBC Wednesday night, claiming that his delay in addressing the virus is having “catastrophic consequences.”

“Mitch McConnell said that he believes that the impeachment trial in the Senate slowed down the federal government’s response to the pandemic. What’s your response to that?” MSNBC host Lawrence O’Donnell asked.

Indeed, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said this week that impeachment distracted the government from responding to coronavirus.

“Yeah, the president said something similar, which, you know, was an interesting acknowledgment that the administration has screwed up this response,” Schiff said.

“And I think the facts are quite clear that the president’s weeks long, maybe months long delay in taking this seriously has had catastrophic consequences that we’re only now beginning to see the scope of.”

“But, they should stop making excuses,” the Democrat continued. “The president found plenty of time even during the impeachment trial and its preparatory period to play golf, go on vacation at Mar-a-Lago, to do campaign rallies.”

“He clearly wasn’t distracted from doing the things he loves to do, but, the bigger problem is even after the trial was over, the president continued for weeks and weeks to say, ‘This is no problem. he’s got it under control. he’s got it contained, and that this isn’t going to have a big impact on the country.’”