Schiff accuses Trump of “old ploy,” helping Kanye’s run to siphon votes from Biden

Appearing on MSNBC, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) fumed over reports that President Trump’s son-in-law Jared Kushner met with Kanye West.

Schiff accused Trump of using this “old ploy” to siphon votes away from Joe Biden.

Ali Velshi asked “If he’s helping Kanye West to run with the aim of defeating Joe Biden, falls into the same basket?”

Schiff responded “Well it does it falls into the basket of a President of the United States who will break any law, rule, abuse the power of his office. Will cheat, and no strategy is beneath him.”

He continued “This idea of recruiting a third party candidate that you hope will siphon votes from your opponent is an old ploy but it was among the dirtiest of the dirty tricks and you never wanted to be associated with it.”

Schiff added “But here it’s all out in the open, The President’s son in law dispatched to meet with Kanye. They’re not even hiding it.”

…This is where the President has descended to.”Schiff said “No tactic beneath him. No bigotry too great. No racist appeal too much. No political dirty trick beyond the pale.”