Scarborough praises Biden, says he was “far more articulate than Donald Trump ever was” in his first presser as POTUS

While most conservatives panned Biden’s first press conference, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough heaped praise, calling the current President “far more articulate than Donald Trump ever was.”

“You know, you would hope, when you keep telling a group of people, ‘Don’t stick your hand on the stove,’ they’d learn. I said it before the debate, ‘Don’t put your hand on the stove. It’s going to burn.’ And they go, ‘Ow!’ Then they move it back up there. ‘Ow!’ You just wonder, really, how thick are these people?” Scarborough asked.

“How bad are they when it comes to figuring out how politics works and the game of expectations? Mika, they’re saying this guy can’t walk, he can’t talk, he can’t think, he’s a drooler. And then he goes out, and he gives a press conference where he’s far more articulate than Donald Trump ever was, because Donald Trump, he didn’t know about issues, he didn’t want to know about issues. Nobody could ever brief the guy,” he continued.

“And so, Joe Biden goes out, all of these people have lowered expectations, and they’re playing right into his hand. They keep playing into his hand every time and you just wonder how stupid they’re going to continue to be by playing into his hand. If I were a Republican legislator, I would be so angry at the idiocy of these people. They’re just helping Biden,” he added.

Co-host Mika Brzezinski then interjected and also praised Biden, saying “this president has a briefing book where he actually gets ready for a press conference so he can brief the press.”

Scarborough adds “and knows what he’s talking about, unlike the last guy.”



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