Scaramucci Boasts “Democrats Have More Fun” After Partying With Clintons

Trump ally turned enemy Anthony Scaramucci attended Bill Clinton’s birthday bash that included Hillary Clinton, Billionaire Carlos Slim, John Kerry and a host of other high profiled Democrats.

Scaramucci boasted after the festivities “Democrats have more fun.”

Per Vanity Fair

Joining in the song and celebration this year was none other than Anthony Scaramucci, aka the Mooch, who was making his first appearance at the event. Mooch’s presence among the Democratic Party royalty is especially notable given that he is in the midst of a high-profile attempt to defenestrate his former boss Donald Trump from the White House and to defeat him at the polls in November 2020 by organizing what he hopes will be a primary challenge against the president.

Not surprisingly, their feud has taken a nasty turn, especially on Twitter, where Trump has publicly attacked Scaramucci’s wife. “I made a mistake supporting @realDonaldTrump,” Scaramucci tweeted on August 19. “I don’t need to be absolved of that. But now I will do what it takes to help make things right.”

Clinton’s birthday party was something of a homecoming for Scaramucci, who became persona non grata in certain circles following his brief but spectacular 11-day tenure as communications director in the Trump White House. More recently, having returned to managing his hedge fund and as a regular TV talking head, he has refashioned himself as a conscientious objector and truth teller. The final straw, he says, was when Trump tweeted that four Democratic congresswomen should “go back” to the countries they came from—even though three of the four were born in the United States.

Plus, Scaramucci told me, “Democrats have more fun!”

For the past two weeks, Scaramucci has been on a high-profile media blitz against Trump, which has been gaining increasing momentum. He has been trying to get other Republicans to join his cause. But the Mooch might dispute the notion that he was ever unwelcome among the grandees of Martha’s Vineyard, before his revelation on the road to Damascus. The Mooch said he has known Lynn Forester “forever,” and was simply unable to attend the festivities last year.

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