Scalise Denounces House passing remote voting as a “Pelosi Power Grab”

Rep. Steve Scalise responded to House Democrats passing a bill allowing lawmakers to vote remotely with a warning.

Scalise tweeted:

Pelosi Power Grab

Dems just broke 200 years of history & changed House rules to allow proxy voting.

Now they can turn their voting cards over to Pelosi & sit at home collecting their paychecks while she unilaterally passes legislation with just 20 Members present.


After the House passed the $3 Trillion Coronavirus stimulus package, Scalise tweeted:

BREAKING → House Dems just voted to give your tax dollars to illegal immigrants.

This is their priority when there are over 30 million American citizens who have just lost their jobs and are struggling to get by.


AJC reports looking for ways to do legislative business without exposing members and staff to the Coronavirus, House Democrats pushed through a rules change on Friday to allow members to vote on the House floor even if they aren’t present on Capitol Hill, and okayed the use of remote hearings to conduct committee business during a pandemic.

“The House has the constitutional authority to institute remote voting by proxy,” said Rep. Jim McGovern (D-MA), the chair of the powerful House Rules Committee.

Democrats said the rules changes would allow them to more easily perform the work of Congress, and not have lawmakers spreading the Coronavirus around the country by going back and forth to Washington, D.C.

“My office in Miami is not getting calls,” said Rep. Donna Shalala (D-FL). “We’re getting cries for help.”

The remote voting change – a first in the history of the House – was roundly denounced by Republicans as anti-democratic.