“Say Anything” Actress claims “Lefties” love America more than “Trumpers”

Ione Skye, who is best known for her starring role in 1980s cult classic “Say Anything” as well as “Gas Food and Lodging” claimed “Lefties” love America more than Trumpers in a new tweet.

Skye writes “I know the Trumpers think Lefties don’t love America but we love America more.”

One Twitter user replied “I think even those of us that aren’t Americans love America more than Trump and his Trumpers”

Another replied to her “And with our voting in jeopardy, I think we’re proving we know and love Democracy a hell of a lot more too! Can’t believe we’re here”

Skye has made her pro-Biden and anti-Trump stance very well known in her recent tweets.

She has also referred to the NRA as a “terrorist organization.”