Sarah Sanders Files 2020 Arkansas Candidate Paperwork for President Trump

Former Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced via Twitter she has filed the paperwork for President Trump to be on the ballot in Arkansas.

Sanders has remained a popular figure among conservatives and is well liked and trusted in Trump’s orbit.

KATV reports as of Friday morning, President Trump will appear on Arkansas ballots for the 2020 election.

His former press secretary and Arkansas native Sarah Huckabee Sanders, alongside Attorney General Leslie Rutledge, filed the necessary paperwork at the Republican Party of Arkansas headquarters.

Back in June, Sanders left her role at the Trump Administration, but she’s still giving the President her full support on the campaign trail.

“It has just been so nice and so refreshing to be back home and such an honor to get to be in Arkansas to file on behalf of the President that I had the opportunity and the privilege to work for over the last two and a half years,” said Sanders.

She and Rutledge have historically been supporters of the President. Rutledge added, “Some politicians, some people running for office, some people seeking re-election even, are all talk, but this President is all walk.”

And despite critics, Sanders backs President Trump in all of his actions while in office.

She said, “I think the President has a great temperament, and I think that’s why he has been so successful.”

When it comes to whether or not President Trump will make a stop in Arkansas on the campaign trail, both Rutledge and Sanders say that’s still up in the air.

“Even if the president doesn’t come to Arkansas, I still think he’ll win by 20 or 30 points. So, he doesn’t have to because this is a state that’s going to vote for Donald Trump, but we’d love to have him. We’d love to welcome him here, and I know if he came it would be a rock-star-like reception,” said Sanders.

Both women have also been tied to possible runs at Arkansas governor in 2022.

When asked, they turned attention to this current election cycle. Sanders added, “I think we have a tremendous 2020 ahead of us, and that’s our focus. Let’s not forget our current governor just got re-elected about 15 minutes ago let’s let him be governor.”

So for now, Sanders and Rutledge will both be on President Trump’s campaign as honorary state chairs in Arkansas.

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