VIDEO: San Francisco to rename schools named after Washington, Lincoln after 6-1 board of education vote

The names of George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln will be among those stripped from 44 San Francisco public schools after a 6-1 vote Tuesday at the San Francisco Board of Education.

Per NBC “the board approved a resolution to change school names that honored historical figures with direct or broad ties to slavery, oppression, racism or the “subjugation” of human beings.”

San Francisco Board of Education president Gabriela Lopez said “I want to ensure people this in no way cancels or erases history.”

She continued “but it does shift from upholding them and honoring them, and these opportunities are a great way to have that conversation about our past and have an opportunity to uplift new voices.”

Lopez also said the move condemns wider “racist symbols and white supremacy culture we see in our country.”

Gerald Kanapathy, a father of two young children told NBC “this is a bit of a joke. It’s almost like a parody of leftist activism.”

“I don’t particularly mind the notion that some of the schools need to be renamed,” he added ” There are a lot of questionable choices out there. But they sort of decided on this and pushed it through without much community input.”