San Francisco DA says his convicted murderer father should be let out of prison

In a new Op-Ed for the LA Times, San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin calls for this father David Gilbert, a convicted murderer and Weather Underground member to be freed from prison amid the coronavirus.

Boudin writes:

I am the district attorney in San Francisco, and my job is to keep the public safe. In mid-March, I started emptying out our city and county jail because those living and working there face a grave risk of falling ill, dying and spreading COVID-19. My sense of urgency about this issue is professional, and it’s also personal: My 75-year-old father lives in a prison cell.

When I was a little over a year old, my parents, both political activists, made the terrible decision to act as getaway drivers in a botched robbery meant to raise money for their cause. Though my mother and father were unarmed, other participants shot and killed two police officers and a security guard. My mother pleaded guilty to felony murder, served 22 years and was released. My father, without a lawyer, was sentenced to 75 years to life.

My parents’ decisions caused irreparable, cascading harm, but 38 years later, they shouldn’t mean that my father, a model prisoner with numerous underlying medical conditions, is sentenced again, this time to die prematurely from a viral outbreak.

DailyCaller reports San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin believes his father, convicted murderer and former Weather Underground member David Gilbert, should be released from prison due to the coronavirus pandemic.

David Gilbert was interviewed in 2012.