Salvadorian Immigrant Explains Why She Supports Trump and Not Bernie

A immigrant from El Salvador wearing a “Keep America Great” cap explained to Breitbart news why she supports President Trump and not Bernie Sanders.

From Breitbart:

TRUMP SUPPORTER: I’ve seen the way my country operates, and a lot of the same ideas that Bernie [Sanders] is trying to implement here in the United States are what are already implemented where I’m from. So if it’s not working there, it probably won’t work here either.

There are so many “free programs” [in El Salvador]. The cost of living is almost — it’s terrible. You know the coin in El Salvador, the money, it’s devaluated so terribly, and I don’t want that to happen here.

BREITBART NEWS: The media often likes to say — or it tries to paint the narrative — that [Donald] Trump hates immigrants. What would you say to people who say that or people in the media who say that?

TRUMP SUPPORTER: Obviously I came here as an immigrant. I’m Salvadorian — 100 percent — but … he’s not against immigration. He’s against illegal immigration, and I don’t think that’s bad. I know from personal experience, from people that I know in my home country, they’re really not the best. And if you can’t control who really is coming here, you don’t know if you can be living next to a murderer or a child rapist, and I’m saying it because I know of people that have come to the United States from the town where I’m from and have those kinds of backgrounds, and we don’t even know who they are. We don’t know who they are. Here, they don’t know who they are. They don’t even know their names. They don’t know anything because, again, they cross illegally.

Immigration itself, I don’t think [Donald Trump] is against. I think he’s more against just not knowing exactly who’s coming into the country.

BREITBART NEWS: Do you have any friends, or do you encounter a lot of people who think that Trump is a racist or anything like that, and if so, what do you say to people like that?

TRUMP SUPPORTER: I get backlash all the time. One, for being an immigrant. “How could you support him if, one, you’re a woman; two, you’re a Latina; and three, you’re an immigrant.” Right? It’s like three things that I am that people think that he’s against, but I don’t think he’s against women. I mean, his cabinet is full of women. He’s not against immigration, again, as I mentioned, he’s just against illegal immigration, and he’s not against Latinos. He just wants to make sure that the people that are here are going to keep the citizens of the United States safe, and I think that’s great.

Watch the video here.