Salon owner says she’s “Pretty much done” after receiving hate, death threats from Pelosi supporters

Moments ago, appearing with Tucker Carlson on Fox News, Salon owner Erica Kious refuted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim she was “set up.”

Kious said “She had called her stylist or her assistant did and made the appointment, so the appointment was already booked. So there’s no way I could have set that up.”

She also said “I’ve had a camera system in there for 5 years. I mean, I didn’t go in there and turn cameras on as soon as she walked in to set her up.”

Later in the interview Tucker asks Kious “What are you going to do, are you going to stay in the city do you think in San Francisco?”

Kious replies “I don’t think so, the hard part of all this is I have been in that community for 12 years and since this happened I have received nothing but hate. Text messages, death threats, they’re gonna burn my hair salon down.”

“My Yelp page is just unbelievable….with bad reviews. It’s sad that my community is pulling this..they’re saying I threw her under the bus when I didn’t,” She continued.

“So that’s hurtful, but yeah I think i’m pretty much done.” she concluded.

Tucker responded “Well I think that’s one of the most heartbreaking stories i’ve heard in a long time.”

A GoFundMe has been set up for Kious and has raised 11k so far.

The fundraiser, started by Amy Tarkanian reads “Erica Kious, a single mother of two and owner of eSalon, where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi got her hair done on Monday is now being forced to shut down and relocate her business and family due to outrage and threats she is receiving.”

Earlier in the day, Pelosi broke her silence on the San Francisco Salon controversy and claimed she was “set up.”

Asked about the incident where she was seen on security cam with wet hair and no mask, Pelosi responded “it was a setup” and that she took responsibility for “for falling for a setup.”

“Let me just say this. I take responsibility the word of a neighborhood salon that i’ve been to over the years many times and when they said we’re able to accommodate people one person at a time and that time I trusted that.” Pelosi explained

“As it turns out it was a set up. So I take responsibility for falling for a set up and that’s all i’m going to say on that.”