Salon owner says she’s “humbled and grateful” after fundraiser exceeds $300k in 5 days

Salon owner Erica Kious says she’s “humbled and grateful” after donors raised over $300k for her in just 5 days amid a highly publicized feud with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, who accused her of a “set up.”

According to Fox News, Kious reacted to the outpouring of support by saying “I wish I could personally thank every person who sent me their prayers, words of encouragement and support, especially at a time when so many are struggling to make ends meet in their own lives.”

Kious thanked her daughters, their “loving dad,” and her family and friends.

She added  “I am very humbled and grateful to have received such an outpouring of kindness, empathy and generosity from people I don’t even know, and from all walks of life and all sides of the political spectrum. It’s a powerful reminder that the common things that bind us all together as Americans are far more meaningful and lasting than political and ideological differences that get so much attention and focus.”

“Today, on Labor Day, we should all focus on celebrating the efforts and achievements of hard-working people everywhere. They deserve our respect and appreciation, and they definitely all deserve an opportunity to get back to work safely and responsibly. That is all this ever was about,” she concluded.

Last Thursday, President Trump suggested Kious should be running the House of Representatives instead of “Crazy Nancy.”

Kious responded in a statement to Fox News, saying “I see how hard the president fights for America and it has inspired me to do what is right for the people in my industry and small businesses everywhere.”

“I never expected all of this” she explained “but the House I am focused on right now is the House with two little girls under 10, with social-distanced learning. But I appreciate the sentiment.”

“But he is my president and I will do what I need to do.” she added.

Many political analysts on both the left and right believe Nancy Pelosi hurt herself politically when she refused to apologize and instead insisted she was “set up.”

“The salon owes me an apology for setting me up” Pelosi insisted Wednesday.

The Trump Campaign released an ad lambasting Pelosi over the scandal.