Salon Owner Refutes Pelosi’s Claim “There’s no way I could have set that up”

Moments ago, appearing on Tucker Carlson’s show, Salon owner Erica Kious refuted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s claim that she was “set up.”

Tucker asked Kious “How would you have done that? Can you prove that this wasn’t a diabolical set up designed to bring down the speaker of the House by blowdrying her hair?”

Kious replied “She had called her stylist or her assistant did and made the appointment, so the appointment was already booked. So there’s no way I could have set that up.”

Later Kious says her Salon is not open and laments “for the past six months we’re pretty much done. We’ve lost at least 60% of our clients. I’ve lost the majority of my staff.”


Towards the end of the interview Kious reveals that her local Northern California community has filled her Salon’s Yelp page with angry, negative reviews accusing her of throwing Pelosi under the bus.

She says she thinks she’s pretty much done and suggests she is closing down.

Tucker says “Well, I think that’s one of the most heartbreaking stories i’ve heard in a long time.”