SAG-AFTRA Meeting to Discuss Expulsion of Trump from their Actors Union

According to a new report from Deadline, President Trump faces possible expulsion from SAG-AFTRA actors union.

The report states “Deadline has learned that the union’s national board of directors will meet Tuesday morning in a special session regarding disciplinary action against him, which could lead to his expulsion.”

Deadline adds “The former star of The Apprentice – and soon-to-be former president – has been a member of the union and its forerunners, SAG and AFTRA, since 1989. The two unions merged in 2012.”

What will be examined is Article XIV of the SAF-AFTRA Constitution with states members can be expelled for “engaging in actions antagonistic to the interests or integrity of the union.”

If 2/3rds of the national board agree to expel Trump, he could be banished from the Union via a process that would likely take weeks to complete.