Rush says Dems want to force their beliefs on people “via intimidation and fearmongering”

During one of his latest shows, Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh argued Democrats want to force their beliefs and polices on people “via intimidation and fearmongering.”

Rush Limbaugh:

I’ve warned you about this. If you’re the Democrat Party, if you’re the American left or if you’re a Marxist, if you’re a known minority and you have no in debating anybody, you’re not interested in persuading anybody, it’s a waste of time. You’re not seeking approval for what you believe in, you’re not seeking support for what you believe in, not intellectually.

You believe in forcing and being able to force your beliefs and your policies on people via intimidation and fearmongering. You don’t want to have to debate anybody. It’s beneath you. You don’t want to have to win hearts and minds because that’s not how you govern. You govern by force. You govern by overpowering opposition. You delegitimize your opposition. They don’t even exist.

Well, if that’s your mind-set, then what’s the one thing standing in your way? Every two to four years is elections. Elections are the most offensive thing in your life if you are a legitimate Marxist or communist because the people don’t get a choice in how they live and how they’re governed in Marxism and communism. They don’t have a choice. They don’t have a say. The very idea that these Marxists and communists have to run for election in the first place offends the hell out of them.

So I happen to believe and I’m confident that their objective, as soon as they can pull this off, is to eliminate elections. Now, they may not actually eliminate voting, but they’re going to make them pointless. Every election will be like electing Putin. There is no opposition other than faux, fake opposition to make it look like the winner had to compete and overcome opposition.

So I’m not saying that they’re gonna get rid of elections, but they’re going to get rid of meaningful ones. They’re going to get rid of elections that actually count. They’re gonna stack the deck. This is what Marxists and communists do. Folks, they’re not interested — I cannot emphasize this enough. This is why I got so frustrated when I hear Republicans talking about moving across the aisle and showing that we can cooperate and we can work with them and that we can get things done.

They don’t care. They’re not interested in working with anybody that doesn’t agree with them. All they want to do is eliminate opposition. That is, in a nutshell, one of the objectives of Marxism and communism to its survival. No opposition. Just eliminate it. It’s beneath them to have to debate. It’s beneath them to have to battle for people’s hearts and minds because what the people think and want is irrelevant in Marxism and communism.

There is all kinds of racism and sexism and bigotry. There is lack of civil liberties. Marxism and communism, the first thing that happens, people’s freedom is taken from them. If they refuse to have it taken from them, they’re sent to reeducation camps or whatever they would be called here. These are things that we actually face. And I’m not even having to theorize, this is what’s on the streets of America’s blue cities, in America’s blue states. This is who’s marching.

Defund the police department? Are you kidding me? Get rid of the police department? Look at what’s happening in these places that Democrats run with no opposition. You wouldn’t want to live there. In fact, folks, I’ll present something else to you. I have said to you that what is really scary about America in 2020 is there isn’t one thing that unites the people of this county, not a single thing.

In World War II, for example, there was, and that was defending the country from attack. Whatever our political differences were, were put aside. All came together in the name of the flag, in the name of the country, in the name of defeating fascism, Nazism, the Japanese. What is the one thing that unites the people of this country today? There isn’t anything. There isn’t any overlap of commonality.

So the real question is, or a real question, how can we go on this way? How can we continue to have a country that’s united when it isn’t? We are not, right now, the United States of America. We are in name only. If you think as I do, what do you have in common with the people running New York City? What do you have in common with that mayor in Portland? What do you have in common with any of these people that you’re afraid to be who you are in front of?

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