Rush Says Any Dem Debating Trump Will Be “Overshadowed Simply by his Presence”

Appearing on the Sean Hannity show, Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh believes President Trump can more than hold his own when it comes to the 1 on 1 Presidential debates.

In fact, he argued that his mere presence, along with his ability to “touch everyone’s heart” will overshadow any competitor.

Some pundits have argued that whoever is challenging Trump as the Democrat nominee will hold a significant advantage in the final debates since they will have gone through a vigorous series of over 10 debates, while Trump will come in cold.

Rush, clearly is not worried.


From FoxNews

President Trump has an unbreakable bond with his supporters and his presence would overshadow any Democratic contender in a debate, according to Rush Limbaugh.

The president appeals to Americans’ positivity instead of playing on their fears, Limbaugh claimed Thursday on “Hannity.”

“Trump appeals to people’s better interests,” he said.

“This is what people don’t understand about Donald Trump,” Limbaugh added. “The man touches everybody’s hearts — talking about greatness, talking about inspiration, aspirational living, being ‘great.’

“He’s got a bond with his voters that nobody can break. He’s got a bond that innate — not everybody can create this bond.”

Referring to the current slate of 2020 Democratic contenders, Limbaugh explained why he believes Trump would outshine them on the stage.

“There’s not one person on that Democrat stage the last two nights that can even be onstage with Trump and not be overshadowed simply by his presence before he even opens his mouth,” Limbaugh claimed.

Regarding the tenor of the debates, the Missouri-born radio host described some of the candidates’ platforms as “lunacy.”

“If you define normalcy in any which way we would have in common, these people are lunatics,” he said.

However, host Sean Hannity cautioned how Republican presidential candidates must usually, “thread the needle” electorally in order to win.

He claimed Republicans must routinely win Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“It’s never going to be easy,” he said.