Rush Limbaugh tweets to Trump “We love you. We love you” stirs responses from supporters and critics

Saturday, conservative icon and Medal of freedom recipient Rush Limbaugh tweeted “We love you. We love you. @realDonaldTrump.”

The response to Rush was mixed.

Eric Carmen replied “We love you, both. @realDonaldTrump @RealRLimbaugh”

Another Twitter user wrote “And we love you, too, Mr. Limbaugh. And pray daily for your healing. God bless you.”

The responses from Trump critics were much more negative.

One wrote “I love seeing TRUMP lose, it’s my daily medicine, my weekly energy, my monthly inspiration and my yearly motivation. His loss is the only reason i’m still alive, i was born to love and enjoy the failure that he has achieved”

Another Trump critic wrote “No, no we don’t. We do love that the self-aggrandizing “what’s in it for me” presidency is about to come to an end. Finally. Perhaps America can find her dignity again.”