Rush: I Love David Horowitz, His Book Predicts Trump Landslide

Newsmax reports Rush Limbaugh, the nation’s top talker, is praising David Horowitz’s new book “BLITZ,” noting that it predicts President Donald Trump will not only win in November, but beat former Vice President Joe Biden by a landslide.

On his national radio show Tuesday, Limbaugh discussed the author saying, “We love David Horowitz . . . a former New York liberal raised by communist parents” who “saw the light one day, and has become one of us.”

Limbaugh then promoted Horowitz’s new book “BLITZ: Trump Will Smash the Left and Win” and shared why Horowitz thinks “Trump is gonna win in a landslide in November.”

“BLITZ” was released last week and has already soared to the top of the bestseller lists, including appearing as a number one bestseller on Amazon. [Editor’s Note: “BLITZ” is available at bookstores or check out the FREE Offer – Click Here Now.]

Rush quoted Horowitz’s “BLITZ”: “He says, Republicans are gonna be singing ‘Happy Days Are Here Again’ once November comes and the election is over and the votes are counted.”

Rush added, “I mention this only because who else do you know predicting this? Some of you may be individually.”

“Biden cannot beat Trump,” Limbaugh added. “It’s not possible. The guy can’t string together two sentences. He cannot do it. On the playing field of common sense, Joe Biden does not belong.”

He told his listeners not to “fall for the attempted, established conventional wisdom every day that Trump is losing it, doesn’t know where he is, he’s lost his marbles, he’s lost his energy, he’s lost his focus.”

“It is the exact opposite,” Limbaugh said of Trump.

Limbaugh said that while many push the narrative that Trump “is falling apart,” that same remark can be applied to Biden.

Horowitz is a New York Times bestseller who heads the David Horowitz Freedom Center.

In “BLITZ,” Horowitz predicted that race would become the defining issue in the 2020 campaign because Democrats fear Trump has made inroads into the black vote.

“They don’t have anything to stop him, so they are deploying the race card,” Horowitz has said, noting the Democrats really want a “race war” to further divide Americans.

“BLITZ” claims that Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are secret puppeteers behind efforts to oust Trump as president, including the recent impeachment effort.