Rush Limbaugh “Crazy Bernie Doesn’t Know What Happened”


RUSH: Poor Bernie. He doesn’t have the — Bernie Sanders, there he is, I’m watching on Super Tuesday night and he’s in Vermont and he’s saying (doing Sanders impression), “We’re going all the way, we’re gonna take it to the convention.”

He hasn’t the slightest idea what just happened to him that day on Super Tuesday and the day before. Bernie Sanders literally has no idea what happened. Two elections in a row they have made sure, the Washington Democrat establishment circled the wagons and made sure it’s not gonna be Bernie Sanders. And they know that Bernie’s not a fighter, he’s not gonna oppose them, he’s not gonna take anybody on about this. You know, I think what will be next — and I’m only half joking about this — they bought him a third house, they bought him a little lake cottage after 2016.

Don’t be surprised if Bernie Sanders ends up with his own little airplane somehow, sometime after this campaign’s over. Maybe a time share in a little King Air. They might even go for, you know, a GIII for the guy. I doubt that they’d spring for a G550, GIV, but you never know. But it’ll be something. He’s gonna end up with access to an airplane that somebody else is paying for, because Bernie can be bought. They’re still… (laughing)

Who is it? Politico, the New York Times? The New York Times has got a story about how the Russians are still trying to manipulate Bernie and get Bernie elected president. They haven’t figured it out.


RUSH: We’ll get to Bernie Sanders and the Democrats and Joe Biden, ’cause it’s so obvious what’s happened here. It is so obvious what has happened. The Washington Democrat Party establishment made a bunch of moves prior to Super Tuesday, and they have thrown in behind Joe Biden, and they know full well that Joe Biden doesn’t know where he is half the time. They know full well that Joe Biden doesn’t know whether he’s running for the presidency or the Senate half the time. They know full well everything that’s going on here.

They have made the decision that they would rather lose with Biden than lose with Bernie. They also, some of them are delusional enough to think that they have a chance of winning with Biden, and, if they do, then a bunch of people who are nameless and faceless are actually going to be running the country, not Biden. And Biden has even acknowledged this.

They have decided that this is what they have to do to save the Washington establishment, which I told you is the first objective they’ve got, to save themselves, to save their rank, to save their elite status, to save their futures, their kids’ futures, to hell with what happens to the party. The party comes second in this case. They try to combine them and have both benefit at the same time, but they realize here they’ve gotta save themselves, and they can’t do that if Bernie Sanders is the nominee. Too much is at risk.

And I find it fascinating that what saved the Democrat Party was the African-American vote in South Carolina. If that had not happened, then Super Tuesday may not have happened as it did. It may not have rolled out as it did.