Rush Limbaugh “Bill Barr Is Blowing Up the Mueller Travesty”


RUSH: Let’s talk about what happened here with the DOJ, the attorney general, Barr, these four prosecutors, the Roger Stone case, because this, folks, is an object lesson in presidential follow-through.

The proof of the pudding here is I’m watching the Drive-By Media, “Oh, my God. This is horrible. This is so bad. Trump now has no guardrails. There’s nobody stopping Trump from doing anything. He survived impeachment. He survived the Russia thing. Oh, my God. There’s nothing to stop Trump. This is horrible. This is bad.” And, of course, that’s exactly 180 degrees wrong.

Now, the big news here is Roger Stone. You remember Roger Stone was minding his own business one day at home and then jackbooted thugs along with CNN cameras strategically located outside his front door, surrounding his house. At 6 a.m. they stormed in and pulled the guy out of bed and ran him down to jail and charge him with something or other. Why was CNN there? Who tipped CNN? We know why CNN was there.

This whole thing was a setup. And so Roger Stone is charged with some crime having to do with the Russia hoax, some involvement he had with WikiLeaks and the Hillary emails. It was specious because this whole thing has been made up, this entire hoax, this entire coup started out with the Steele dossier. Four FISA warrants were granted on a fake document to spy on the Trump campaign via Carter Page.

There was never anything to it. Not a single crime was committed by the Trump campaign at any stage. There was never any evidence of a crime having been committed. So anything that was charged along the way here was purely political. What happened to Manafort, those things that they charged and convicted Manafort on had nothing to do with when he was in charge of the Trump campaign or working there.

Sentenced to solitary confinement. Sentenced to die in jail. And that’s what they did to Roger Stone. They gave him a seven- to nine-year sentence hoping he would die in jail. Roger Stone didn’t do anything. There’s not a person in the world that can tell you what Roger Stone did of a criminal nature that threatened the people of this country, that violated the laws of the country, that somehow helped the Trump campaign win an illegal election. Nothing. Roger Stone didn’t do diddly-squat.

I could go on about this, but I don’t want to further characterize Roger Stone. Roger Stone was an ancillary player who wanted to make himself look like he was in the middle of everything. And he wasn’t. But because he put himself out there as a major player, a major adviser, he became a target. When I saw the special counsel was gonna indict Roger Stone, that’s the first — I do not mean this as an insult to Roger Stone in any way, shape, manner, form. Please don’t misunderstand me. None of this is intended to be critical of Roger Stone at all.

But the fact that they got an indictment and wanted to charge Stone with anything was all the evidence any of us needed that they didn’t have a thing on anybody, and they never were gonna have a thing on anybody because all of this was factually made up.

There was never a story. There was never a hoax. There was never Russia collusion. There was never any evidence any kind supporting this. This was a pure hatched effort to stop Donald Trump from being inaugurated. And then after he was inaugurated, it was to get him thrown out of office. The Mueller investigation was a very elaborate obstruction of justice trap, a very elaborate process crime trap.

Like I told you, they appoint Mueller as special counsel. He gets to the special counsel office. He’s got his 16 lawyers there. He said, “Okay. Let me see the file. What is the evidence in the Russia case?” There isn’t any. You go back two years on this program where I said if Robert Mueller was indeed the man of honor and integrity that they told us he is, he would have refused the gig. He would have not taken that job once he saw that there wasn’t a shred of evidence when it comes to anything Trump and Russia.

There wasn’t any evidence. There wasn’t a shred of evidence. There never has been. They haven’t produced any. So what happens in those two years? Why did he take that job? Well, we all know why he took the job. He was the figurehead that allowed all of his Democrat lawyers, Hillary-supporting, Trump-hating lawyers to try to build a case that could be used ultimately in impeachment to get rid of Trump and throw him out of office. And it was in the midst of all that that they ended up charging people that had nothing to do with anything. Roger Stone seven to nine years.

So these prosecutors — and this is the truncated version of this — the prosecutors recommend seven to nine years. And anybody who has followed this knows how absolutely atrocious that is. They know how bogus it is and the fact that the attorney general moved in here to stop it ought to be one of the best indications you could get so far that he and Durham are still working this case, and they still have major announcements yet to come over all of these people that engaged themselves in this coup.

To shut this down this way, I don’t care whether Trump was involved in it or not. He has total freedom to be involved in this. If he can pardon Stone, then what the hell’s everybody worried about whether or not he gets involved in the sentence being reduced? And he can pardon Stone. Seven to nine years. Stone’s age, he’s being sentenced to die in prison. He didn’t do anything, folks. Because nothing that was alleged during this entire Russia collusion hoax happened.

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