Rush fires back after Obama drops his name, says “I continue to live rent free” in Obama’s head

Conservative Icon Rush Limbaugh has fired back at former President Obama for suggesting Rush is to blame for him losing his connection with rural conservative voters.

During his radio show, Rush played a clip of Obama saying  during the recent PEN America virtual gala “I ended up getting enormous support in these pretty conservative, rural, largely white communities when I was a senator, and that success was repeated when I ran for president in the first race in Iowa. By my second year in office, I’m not sure if I could make that same connection because now those same people are filtering me through Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and an entire conservative media infrastructure that was characterizing me in a way that suggested that I looked down on those folks or I had nothing in common with them.”

Rush responded “This is delusional. You’re the guy that called ’em bitter clingers. What are we supposed to do, Mr. President? You called these very people bitter clingers. You said they hang around in church, that they go grab their guns and they sit around and they talk about religion and they talk about people that don’t like ’em, they talk about people that don’t look like ’em, they talk about people that make ’em nervous. You invented that. You created that. Remember? You were caught in a video. You were raising money out in San Francisco. A journalist out there was recording the video of your remarks, and that’s where you came up with all this. You defined for everybody the bitter clingers. None of us created that.”

The medal of freedom recipient continued “but he’s trying to say that I, along with Fox News, broke the connection he had with conservatives. He never had a connection with conservatives. This is just delusional. It’s purposefully delusional. He knows it as well as I do. He’s never had a connection with conservatives. He’s never wanted to have a connection.”

He added “The only conservatives he wanted to have a connection were the David Brooks types, who he once had dinner with, and David Brooks said, “Man, did you see the crease in that guy’s slacks? This guy’s gonna be a great president.” I think they had dinner at George Will’s house. And they were all just happy as they could be ’cause they’re all intellectuals, they’re all from the faculty lounge. They’re all from the establishment. And they’re all looking forward to a wonderful president. We just got rid of that hayseed cowboy, George W. Bush, and now we’re gonna get a real intellectual in there. That’s right. We’re gonna get a real intellectual in there, and we’re gonna get somebody that’s gonna really turn this country around.”

Rush then said “And, of course, we all know what happened. The economy came to a screeching halt. It was bad news. Obamacare was a flawed rollout. But he is the one who defined bitter clinger. He is the one who characterized them. He’s the guy who made it known that he had no love lost or respect for any of those people, rural Americans who are conservatives. And now to try to pass this off on me or Fox News.”