Rush Shares Theory on Push for Biden “It’s all about the Democrat establishment not being swept aside”

During the latest segment of his radio show, conservative icon Rush Limbaugh shed light on the Democrat party and elders coalescing around Joe Biden.

Rush claims that Democrats expect to lose, but by boosting Biden can prevent Bernie from tearing down their establishment.


I’ll just give it to you, in a nutshell. The Democrat Party expects to lose, they expect to lose the presidency. They don’t want Bernie Sanders to be the nominee because they don’t want that kind of shellacking. They think they’re gonna lose with Biden anyway.

And outside there’s some shock in Biden wins, there’s somebody that’s gonna actually be president besides him. But the point is that this is all about — this is classic. This is all about the Democrat establishment, including media people, protecting themselves against a Democrat electoral defeat.

This is all about Chuck Todd and all the guys at ABC, NBC, CBS, and CNN keeping their jobs and keeping their credibility. It’s all about Donna Brazile keeping her job at the DNC or whatever her job is. It’s all about the Democrat establishment not being swept aside like the Republican establishment was swept aside when Trump won.

They don’t want any Never Trumpers in the Democrat Party. The people that would become the equivalent of the Never Trumpers, the Never Bernies, they don’t want to lose their positions. If that means that they have to lose to Trump, then that’s fine. It is so obvious to me what’s going on.

And I also owe you another apology ’cause I was wrong about something, and I was wrong about it big time. I’ve said prominently on this program twice that Biden would never be the nominee, that he doesn’t have a prayer, that it isn’t gonna happen.

And I said that because he’s infirm and he’s old and he doesn’t know where he is and he lies and — you can’t even say that he lies. He doesn’t even know that he’s lying.