Rush “Democrats Hope Corona Can Do What Mueller and Schiff Failed to Do”

During a recent segment of his popular radio show, conservative icon Rush Limbaugh argues Democrats are politicizing the virus at full bore in order to try to stop Trump from being re-elected.

RUSH: Before we get back to the phones, very quickly, just one thing. I want to put all this in perspective for you.

All this pretense out there. Have you noticed the pretense? The left has dropped the pretense of the politics of the virus. They’ve dropped it now. They’re making no bones about it that the virus has a political component, and they are employing it. This always happens in the outbreak of any kind of a national emergency.

After 9/11, for a while, the Democrats can make people think that they’re dropping politics and that they are unifying and treating this as a singular thing. But they can’t. They’re like addicts to politics, and they can’t. They go into withdrawal if they drop their political agenda with anything, and such is the case with the virus now. They are in political withdrawal.

They have dropped all pretense, which is what they were doing. They were pretending that the virus was a standalone, had no political aspects to it. But they can’t do that. So they are. So they dropped the pretense. They are now full bore, 1,000%, full-speed ahead on politicizing the virus, attacking Trump on the basis of politicization of the virus — and here’s why.

They know that Joe Biden is not viable. Everybody knows. Did you look at that endorsement that Obama gave? Obama gives that endorsement at a time nobody would see it, and it was convoluted. It was like 10-minutes long. It had no enthusiasm behind it at all. So here’s the bottom line. Don’t doubt me. The Democrats, the left, they know Biden is not viable.

They know that Trump was on his way — before all this — to a landslide reelection. They also know this. They know that Trump’s performance during this crisis has been good. They can’t compete with it. They tried. They sent Chuck You Schumer to try to do things. They had Biden on the air from his basement. They have tried to compete with Trump during the virus.

They have used various people, quote-unquote, “on their payroll” to try to diminish Trump even during the briefings. They have sent the press into the briefings with setup questions designed to impress. None of it has worked. Trump is carrying the day. He is dominating the day. He is dominating the news, and he’s doing so within the realm of his campaign of 2016: Make America Great Again.

It’s been handed back to him on a silver platter. Can you believe this? Everybody said, “You’re gonna have to come up with a new slogan, Mr. President, for 2020. You can’t go out there and say, ‘Make America Great Again.’” Yes, he can now! The American economy has been decimated. He alone seems concerned about it. There are a lot of other…

Folks, look, I’m only telling you what I see. The Democrat Party wants the shutdown to go on. It’s how they benefit! It may sound outrageous for you to hear this, especially those of you new to the program. You can’t imagine why anybody would want to continue this pain. You got a few minutes? Why would the Democrat Party openly want open borders?

Why would the Democrat Party want to get rid of oil? Why would the Democrat Party want to penalize America as somehow responsible for pain and suffering in the world? The Democrat Party is not unified with anybody who wants to Make America Great. Now Trump — it’s fascinating to me — has been handed on a silver platter his 2016 campaign slogan: Make America Great Again.

He’s got to do it again. He’s gotta revive the American economy again. He’s done it once. Things that have happened once can happen again. The Democrats have never revived an economy. To expect them to be able to do it is asking for something to happen that’s never happened before. Uh-oh! Don’t want to go there. They know this.

Brutal as it may sound, partisan as it may sound, do not doubt me, please. The Democrat Party and the American left know that a continued shutdown is the only means of destroying Trump’s signature achievement. What is Trump’s signature achievement? The historic, booming economy. In three years, Trump created economic growth we haven’t seen (a lot of people) in their lifetimes.

Here comes the virus.

Here comes the shutdown.

Here comes the lockdown.

The Democrats know that keeping America shut down is the only way of destroying Trump’s number-one re-electable achievement. If they were to succeed in shutting this country down into June, that would give us an economic shrinkage or constriction of 30%, and the effects of that would persist into the fourth quarter, which is when the election is.

They would be demagogued to death. The status of the American economy then would be blamed 1,000% on Trump, even though it would be not Trump who wanted to continue this. See, the old subtext of the November 2020 is no longer subtext. It’s now the transparent, left-wing hope that corona can do what Mueller and Schiff didn’t do.

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