Rush Calls Biden “the first phantom candidate i’ve ever seen seeking the presidency”

During a recent segment of his radio show, Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh referred to “basement Biden” as “the first phantom Presidential candidate.”

Rush also claims that Trump’s biggest opponent will be the media, not Biden and says whoever Biden picks as VP may “end up being the real candidate Trump runs against.”

Rush Limbaugh:

This is the first phantom candidate I’ve ever seen seeking the presidency. It’s like he doesn’t exist. They put him on TV now and then. They have him address groups virtually, but he does not interact. What are you laughing at in there?

I know I’m a naturally funny guy, but…I’m telling you, it’s like he doesn’t exist. It’s a phantom. Except his face not disfigured. But he’s, you know, phantom of the campaign. Maybe that would be a great ad. A play off of The Phantom of the Opera.

So what is this campaign? This campaign is Trump versus the media, not Trump versus Biden. Trump is desperately trying to make it Trump versus Biden, but they’re not letting him. It’s Trump versus the virus or Trump versus the media or Trump versus the economy.

The VP pick may end up being the real candidate Trump runs against. That’s a safe bet. But I still think the VP candidate is not going to have the power that a lot of political observers think, ’cause I don’t think we really know who’s the power behind this throne. Somebody is seeking to become president without being identified. And that’s whoever’s running Biden. Somebody is campaigning without us knowing who they are. They’re not having to raise any money for themselves. They’re not having to tell us what their policies are.