VIDEO: Rush Believes Dems Impeaching Trump is Really a Play to Take Back the Senate

Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh argued Monday that Democrats “have given up on beating trump in November” but are trying to use impeachment to “dirty Trump up” in his legacy and take back the Senate.

Rush argues Democrats believes impeachment will be detrimental to 4 vulnerable GOP Senators – Martha McSally, Joni Ernst, Thom Tillis, and Cory Gardner, and put them in a difficult position in winning re-election.


I think the Democrats have given up on beating Trump in November. Now, you might disagree, and you might think it’s too soon, and you might think, “No, they’ll never concede those kinds of things, Rush. You know them well enough to know that that’s not true.” I think… We’ve heard enough of them say, “If we don’t impeach Trump, he’s gonna be reelected.” Look, folks, they have their own internal polls. They know that things out there in America are rosier and better than they have been in many people’s lifetimes, that there is no reason under the sun to change horses here.

They know this. I believe they never thought they would actually be able to remove Trump from office via impeachment, either. I think as I’ve watched these things happen in the past, well, weeks and days, I think they obviously want to dirty Trump up. They want to put an asterisk next to his name.

There’s some Clinton payback here as well. This is all about the 2020 campaign, but not for the presidency. They’re not gonna give up on it — I don’t want to be totally misunderstood — but they know that their odds there are very long.

But what if…? What if they could find a bunch of Jeff Flakes in the Senate to go against Trump and then lose their reelection? The Democrats could take the Senate, hold the House, and then totally thwart whatever Trump agenda, whatever Trump judicial nominees there are? I think this, my friends, is the key. I think they hope to use this Senate trial to win control of the Senate in November and effectively neuter Trump’s second term.

Now, Democrats hope to accomplish this by forcing… There are four so-called vulnerable Republicans: Martha McSally, Joni Ernst, Thom Tillis, and Cory Gardner. Those four so-called vulnerable Republican senators, the Democrats are gonna try to force them into defending Trump, thereby harming their reelection efforts. They’re looking for a bunch of Jeff Flakes. But what happened to Jeff Flake? (chuckling) He’s gone.

The Democrats are seriously putting the country through all of this — not to mention establishing this precedent that impeachment now is just a traditional political operation that can be used constantly against a president of the opposing party, all of this — in order to try to defeat four Republican senators and win control of the Senate, which is the epitome of abuse of power for personal political gain. Can you think of anything else? You talk about abuse of power, this phony impeachment scenario for personal political gain?

The Democrat Party, that’s what they’re accusing Trump of. They are actually engaging in it. But you know what else, folks? When you’re out a whole broadcast week like I was, and when you’re not… It’s a different mind-set when you’re just consuming, but you’re not consuming for the purposes of commenting, discussing, whatever. There’s a difference in it, and it is infuriating that we even have to talk about this impeachment.

The whole thing just infuriates me, that this has not been dismissed, that the Republicans cannot come up with a way to just dismiss it, that they’re afraid of what the media will say or what the Democrats will say. “Well, there are some witnesses that need to be…” The Republicans, many of them, are still stuck in this belief that the Democrats set the agenda, the media sets the narrative — and it, thus, must be responded to rather than just quashed. It just is infuriating to hear Republicans debating whether to call additional witnesses.

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