Rush Argues Dem Impeachment a Show for “the lunatic fringe of the Democrat base”

During his most recent segment of his popular show, Conservative icon Rush Limbaugh argues Impeachment managers Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler know they have no chance for conviction but are putting on a show with impeachment for the “lunatic fringe” of the Democrat party base and out of fear of lose influence in the party to Bernie and AOC.



The reason all this is relevant is they’re trying to throw Donald Trump out of office for something that he didn’t do, for a scandal he wasn’t engaged in, for misconduct he did not enter into — and yet it is all over the place on the Democrat side, starting with Hillary and the Steele dossier.

Now the FISA warrant totally make-up abuse on Carter Page, which now all these people are admitting to. Down to the Mueller report. On the let’s-go-get-Trump side of this, nobody has found anything. There’s no impeachable offense. There’s no crime.

So what’s really this all about? What are the Democrats doing? ‘Cause let’s go back to the reality they’re not gonna get a conviction — and especially now. I don’t care how persuasive anybody might think that some of these House managers’ cases have been. By the way, the TV ratings daily are plummeting.

You’ve seen that, right? The top was 11 million. Twenty million’s what the first day of Kavanaugh got with Blasey Ford. This thing is 11 million, and they’re dropping every day. Reuters and CNN are wringing their hands, destroyed, distressed about this.

So they know they’re not gonna get a conviction (chuckles), and now they’re not gonna get four Republicans to vote to authorize witnesses if they ever were. But Nadler coming in and accusing essentially Susan Collins and Murkowski and Cory Gardner and whoever else they’re trying to get in there of “participating in the cover-up.” Nadler’s statements that he made yesterday as part of his press statement were so far out of bounds, they were so radical left that I said, “Wait a minute. This isn’t right. There’s something going on here that people are not seeing.”

If you circle back, it all goes back to the fact that they know they’re not going to get a conviction — and yet they’re doing this. So why? Well, look, there’s some obvious answers. They’re trying to dirty Trump up for the 2020 campaign, and there’s a theory that they’re trying to dirty up enough Republican senators that are vulnerable to maybe win the Senate to go along with the House so that they can shut Trump down even if he is reelected. I think there’s even more than that going on. Those two things are relevant; I’m not saying they’re not happening.

But I think there’s a… I mean, what kind of rhetoric did the Round Mound of the Gavel use yesterday? Who was that rhetoric intended for? The Democrat base! The lunatic fringe of the Democrat base. You put this together with some of the other news out there. Obama… According to Charles Gasparino at Fox News, Obama is getting so scared of Bernie that he’s considering a national statement urging Democrats not to vote for Bernie Sanders. That is an all-out assault on who, in addition to Crazy Bernie?

That is an all-out assault on Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who has become one of Bernie’s biggest advocates and is toying publicly with the idea of a third-party ’cause the Democrat Party isn’t left enough. Well, here comes the Round Mound of the Gavel yesterday and he starts uttering resistance-type lingo! He starts uttering language that people like Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez want to hear and people that might be inclined to support her want to hear. You go to New York where all politics is local.

Is Nadler perhaps gonna be primaried by somebody chosen by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez because he, Nadler, is not sufficiently resistant to, radical left-wing enough? Now, if Nadler is worried about a challenge, it would make perfect sense for him to do what he did yesterday. In other words, it could well be that part of the explanation for this is that some of these House managers — Nadler, Schiff — are actually doing all of this to keep their base together, not bust up Trump’s connection to his (’cause they can’t, and they know that by now). Now, in Schiff’s case, I honestly think that he needs professional help right along the lines with Antonio Brown.

I think they need to be seeing the same shrink, they need to get the same kind of mental health care, ’cause I think Schiff has lost it totally. There’s a great piece today by somebody at PJ Media, I think. If you’re a parent, have you got a kid who loves performing, loves doing things in the living room, and you can’t get ’em to stop and you have to act like, “Oh, that’s so cute, Little Johnny;” you have to encourage ’em ’cause you’re the parents? That’s Schiff.